Ramsey Golf & Bowls Club


Ramsey (Cambridgeshire) Golf Course is a mature parkland course with an abundance of mature native trees.  Ramsey is renowned for the quality of its greens. To maintain the quality of the course approximately 500 trees have been planted in recent years in a bid to keep the course looking fresh and idyllic.






A double dog leg par 5 opener where a good positioned drive will give the longer hitters a good chance of an opening birdie.

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LOOKING DOWN 1ST on the first

A great little par 3 which should be treated with respect, it is well guarded by 3 bunkers, 2 of them have turf walls so take care not to miss in the wrong place.  

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2nd tee

Straight forward 400+yards par 4 where a good tee shot means you can negotiate the cross bunker 50 yards short of the green with ease. 

3D View3rd fairway

Lovely little par 4 (easiest hole on the course) where a driver could put you in trouble if you are not on the fairway. This is the only hole on the course with no out of bounds.

3D View4th tee

Tough par 3 at over 200 yards.  Hitting the green must be considered a real bonus.

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5th green

Good par 5 with out of bounds all the way down the left.  You need to hit the left hand side of fairway off the tee to make the rest of the hole easier.

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to 6th

Well protected par 3.  No safe place to go as out of bounds is through the back.

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7th green

Fantastic dog leg par 4.  Tee shot needs to be straight over the river but not too long.  Once negotiated the rest looks quite easy. The biggest hitters can take the line between the conifers off the tee to leave a flick into the green.  A great risk reward hole.  Enjoy!

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8th green en route to the ninth fairway

Tough par 4 with out of bounds on left and right.  Anywhere on the fairway is great but aim left for a better line.

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9th fairway

Straight forward nice par 5.  Out of bounds down the right but with a good tee shot there is a good birdie chance.

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10th green

Deceptive par 3.  Take care as the out of bounds at the back is close to the green.  Bail out is to the left.

3D View11th green

Longest par 4 on the course.  You need to avoid the fairway bunker or trees to stand any chance of reaching this green in regulation.

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looking down the 12th i2th green

Another good par 3 over the river.  Once over you still have 2 bunkers to avoid. 

3D View13th green

The percentage shot is to go straight.  You tigers can take on the corner then over the flood bank to a well protected green.  A great par 5.

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bank on 14thmicks slide2

Stroke index 1.  This is a great driving hole.  Once achieved, leaves a tricky shot over water to a two-tiered green.

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view to the 14th

Gentle slight dog leg.  You need to come in from the left side of the fairway to open up the green.

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comong up the 16th looking towards 16th Green

Yet another really tough par 3.  Take care of the out of bounds just left of the green.  A real card wrecker.

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Blind tee shot to this short dog leg left finishing par 4.  For most, the position off the tee is simply over the water.  For the bigger hitters who can shape the ball, the green can be reached.  Make your choice on the tee!

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18th over 18th green